Product Name:Escalator

Product Type:WE05



Other notes:

Series of escalator produced by Weibo Elevator Co.,Ltd are in accordance with current European and Chinese standards, and adopted new materials and advanced technology to design, manufacture,and combined with a Japanese design to ensure high-quality products and elegant comfort. There are two angles to choose for customers:35 degrees for you to save floor space  30 degrees to provide you with a better running comfort. For shopping malls, supermarkets, subways, airports and other high traffic sites, escalators can make your life more beautiful and comfortable.

 Escalator Model

Travelling height


Tilt angle


Step width




 WE05  4.5   35   600    0.5 
 4.5  35 800  0.5
 4.5  35  1000  0.5
 4.5  30  600  0.5
 4.5  30  800  0.5
 4.5  30  1000  0.5