Good news! Mr Webb secured two patents for the invention

2018-04-18 Weibo News

Recently, weber elevator for "big tonnage automobile loading elevator" and "low-rise residential buildings with elevators" 2 invention both by the state intellectual property office of the review, to obtain the authorization of the state intellectual property office of the invention patent, patent authorization number respectively "ZL 2016 1, 1183773.3" and 0004027.7 "" ZL 2016 1.

"Big tonnage automobile loading elevator" patent has superior large-tonnage bearing performance and greatly improve the bearing capacity of capsules and resistance to deformation degree, the effective implementation of the large-tonnage vehicle load. Under the patent guide, last year we 10 tons of heavy cargo elevator enterprises in wuhan iron and steel co., LTD., the elevator carrying load, resistance to deformation ability, good safety, transport efficiency is high, won the consistent high praise.

"Low-rise residential building with an elevator" patent in does not affect the main floor of the structure of the situation, realized the low-rise residential buildings equipped with elevator, at the same time, the invention of the main structure by profile portfolio assembly, improve the efficiency of the installation and transportation convenience. In addition, the invention realizes the structure of the platform without the structure, but improves the integrity and stability of the product.

Last year for our company in fujian province quanzhou infant normal school affiliated kindergarten and hebei university affiliated hospital provides respectively equipped with elevators, that provides a more convenient for People's Daily, at the same time also boosted its corresponding social status and class.

"Enlightenment and science and technology, professional safety", our company adhere to the technology innovation is the patent acquired as a result of the weber elevator has made eight invention patents, 4 items of 43 patents of utility model and appearance patents, the patent results accumulated for further development of the motivation for the company, increase the stock of intangible assets, is beneficial to giving full play to the advantages of the company independent intellectual property rights, improve enterprise core competitiveness, improve the grade of the enterprise, but also contribute strength for the development of the elevator industry.