Weber elevator 2017 annual summary of the meeting

2018-01-31 Weibo News

Recently, by the weber elevator presided over by the standing vice President and chief marketing director ZhuangYiJun "weber elevator in 2017 and 2017 annual work plan" conference held recently successfully.The meeting by the marketing center, manufacturing center, sales support, engineering service center leading personnel involved in the various parts of the administration department, finance department, etc, from henan, hubei, hebei, fujian, anhui, northwest, southwest, jiangsu branch points always elaborate summary report.A three-day meeting as weber elevator in 2017 sales, technology, production, engineering and so on various aspects of the work carried out comprehensive report and summary, and as far as the development of weber elevator in 2018 set up the annual plan.

Henan points total summary report

Jiangsu points total summary report

The meeting all the photos

The enlightenment of science and technology, professional safety.Weber elevator as a collection of elevator r&d, manufacture, installation, modification and maintenance in a body's national high and new technology enterprise letter, to the market this year, products, brand level are obtained.Admittedly, these achievements acquired recognition and word of mouth is closely linked with the customers.The sales meeting, from henan branch director Hector even total as weber elevator group pin crown is market in 2017 and experience a warm sharing it with the participants.

In recent years, weber elevator can shine brilliantly in the domestic and international market, and weber elevator have professional and powerful technology, products, marketing network, service and other professional team has a great relationship.Weber has always been adhering to the elevator, provide perfect three-dimensional transport services;Realize the happy life, the weber's dream of a harmonious society.Expected by people-oriented, excellence, sincere cooperation and make good quality products and service casting users "upward, a better life".