First of all, the weber elevator will continue to struggle in 2017

2017-08-12 Weibo News

In 2017, under the circumstances of the elevator industry adjustment, weber elevator according to the market situation and the company's actual situation, timely publish relevant system, adjust the marketing strategy, the completion of work target and operation index this year for the company laid the foundation, has obtained the good achievement.

Survey on the investigation and investigation of webber elevator in Yang district, nanchang district


Special equipment manufacturing and installation and renovation maintenance license for webber elevator

Webber elevator obtained 2 invention patents and 5 utility model patents

Business marketing is the enterprise in the development process of one of the most important link, the enterprise only to update marketing concept, ongoing marketing innovation, to win opportunities as well as the initiative in market competition, the enterprise sustainable survival and development.In the first half of 2017, under the guidance of the right marketing strategy of leadership, the sales personnel actively explored the market and made a series of achievements:

To provide 10 tons of freight elevator for three steelmaking plants of wuhan wuhan wuhan iron and steel co., LTD.

Provide passenger lift for the xinjiang uygur yueyuan community

Provide passenger lift for zhejiang hangzhou tianma holding group co., LTD.

Provide passenger lift for shanxi huajin coking coal project

Passenger elevator for east lake lanting project in anhui province

To provide passenger lift for the cultural sports center of suqian city, suqian city, jiangsu province

To provide passenger lift for the second phase of shijing flower court in fangxian county, hubei province

Provide passenger lift for henan zhongdian paradise taoyuan project

To provide passenger lift for the renovation of the project elevator procurement and installation project for the shantytown of birch county, heilongjiang province

Provide passenger lift for henan ying shui huiting residential area

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Weber elevator will continue to carry forward the entrepreneurial spirit of hard struggle, strengthen team construction, pays special attention to marketing, to ensure safety and quality, increasing earnings and practicing economy, bold pioneering, innovation, strive for better grades.