V day send cool and refreshing Love warm hearts

2017-07-24 Weibo News

Facing the continuous high temperature weather, all staff especially the workshop employees, they flushed cheeks, dark skin, the sweat along the cheek, sweat washing clothes, white perspiration drying clothes...... these are the real performance of its responsibility, loyalty takes office, they use their own sweat and toil for good operation of the company.

To further concerned about the physical and mental health of grassroots employees, transfer the company to employees and create a good and harmonious working atmosphere.Sent cold drinks company leaders made specially for the employees, ageratum upright and heat with medicine and life style, such as water, hope everyone in pay special attention to the enterprise safety in production work at the same time, pay attention to the mix, light work, healthy life.

Face to sympathy, the staff said, send the cool and refreshing, is warm, and received in the future they will continue with full state of mind, keep improving working attitude, overcome difficult, racing, a concerted effort to ensure the further development of the weber elevator.