Employee benefits 丨 belong to sales team title eight degrees south latitude lucky trip

2017-07-07 Weibo News

In the past week, there is a group of people, they don't have to get up early late or overtime work, only in nature, enjoy the beauty and quietly surrounded by food, the gift of the beauty of life and nature.

They are weber elevator 2016 annual sales team title - "hebei", are they forge ahead of the top teams in the sales representative, mixed operations and the winning team, they are the best interpreter jing zhiyuan "industry".

To celebrate the glory of the sales team title, the company specially arrange the team traveled, let us feel their joy through the photos.

U.S. Travel magazine Travel Leisure "the Bali rated as one of the world's best island, second only to the Galapagos islands of Ecuador, score even higher than that of the maldives, and far more than Hawaii.In fact, the Bali is one of the world's most beautiful and most local culture travel destination, as a result, the stars seem her reason to be here.

Bali this beautiful island for its picturesque scenery, a simple folkway and become a world-class tourist resort.When walking in the beautiful beaches, bathed in the warm ocean water, everywhere is filled with green flowers throughout all the land of tropical rain forests and trees, let a person feel relaxed and comfortable body and mind.When gold over the surface of the sunset, looks very sweet and romantic.

Kuta beach is a famous surf resort, southeast of Bali islands blue dream island has the cleanest water and sand, suitable for all kinds of water sports, diving here is natural, the home of tropical fish, can feel the sea the sea of dream in addition to the underwater world, Bali and elegant art center, majestic volcanoes and stimulation for diving is worth visiting.

Different experience of the changing of the tides of the sea temple, full of fairy tale colour is the lover of the cliff, the world famous art village ubud, with a swimming pool or near the hotel of the sea, sandy, clear water Elizabeth Barbara ohm, such holiday charging mode, should make people power is dye-in-the-wood.

The trip to Bali is for them in the past year the effort of affirmation and praise, hope in the coming days, they can make persistent efforts, weber all employees can work up, hope that the next time go out to play, it is you!