Nanxun district Yang line to weber elevator investigations

2017-05-08 Weibo News

Recently, the nanxun district Yang line to weber elevator investigations, weber elevator ZhuangYiJun Yao Yifeng Yao Rongxiang chairman, general manager, executive vice President and other accompanying.

Yang district line into weber elevator factory, successively visited the company administrative buildings, manufacturing plants, elevator testing tower, Yao Yifeng was introduced in detail, general manager of company development history of enterprise operation and management, strategic layout, and so on and so forth.To visit process, Yang district showed strong interest to the company's products, he of nanxun town first10 tons of car ladder gave high evaluation.In the workshop, he carefully observed the traction machine, safety components, such as visual management and the ground of workshop must partition line.

Yang district looking nanxun elevator enterprise's development, especially now that the elevator market slightly nearly saturated state, only by constantly improve technology innovation ability, independent research and development ability, can we have a special place in the market competition neutrality, at the same time, he stressed that the elevator in the late maintenance service is also indispensable., no matter what mentality of a workman to action, work fine and be patient with perseverance,"Perseverance" spirit is a key factor of enterprise do big, do.

Yang district of weber elevator said the good momentum of development and prospect, he emphasized to good mental state, Put idea on the industry positioning, put on work hard, and rushed to overcome difficulties, together, let the weber elevator to develop, the more we do, the better.