Classic case webber elevator hami galactic real estate development company hand in hand, comfortable pleasant quality

2017-03-30 Weibo News

     Recently, the weber elevator cooperate with xinjiang hami galactic real estate development company, for its day, yue wan chun park, provide more than one passenger elevator.

It is understood that the Milky Way's property to detail carefully near "strict", and real estate management concept and product of the Milky Way to build philosophy, "product quality" of signs and symbols constitute the project product is the most important.

Day yue wan architectural planning from the start to a harmonious livable do prospective planning for the core, adjust measures to local conditions, the integration of modern design and construction technology, build the community atmosphere of elegant warmth. The Mediterranean architectural style, the design of asymmetric, simple line trimming round, feeling giving a person especially nature, color is also quite rich, and because the light foot, all the color saturation is high, will be romantic feelings into the ordinary life. In terms of landscape compatible, emphasizes on a window, open the door to see green, landscapes and people's communication more smoothly and build with details of the people's perfect life.

The elevator for days yue wan for weber passenger elevator, imported from the computer intelligent control system, a 32-bit networked control of microcomputer, 8 units